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Published in Afghanistan Times, Kabul, April 28, 2012

KABUL: Efforts hold by Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) in joint ventures with the lecturers of different Afghan universities and financial aid from DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service) to provide standard text 

books to the students of all medical faculties of the country.

 Lack of textbooks, old lectures without visual aids and materials, scarcity of modern seminar rooms, laboratories are

huge challenges for university students in Afghanistan, so the MoHE in cooperation with the lecturers and financial support of DAAD made it possible to print out textbooks for the medical faculties and deal with the above-mentioned challenges across the country, says Dr. Yahya Wardak, CIM Expert at the MoHE.


 After enrichment and revising the lectures the above-mentioned project would be offered to the DAAD for financial support, he notifies. 

He further elaborates that each textbook will be printed out sufficiently and would be delivered to all universities and students without any charges. Printing these standard textbooks is aimed at academic capacity development of faculties and students improvement across the country, he asserts.

He insists that the program of alteration of enrichment lectures to the textbooks is not limited to the medical faculties; it will also be expanded to other faculties by the MoHE in near future.

 Each book comes along with a CD and even PDF format would be available on the website, so that the students have easy access to the collectives, he adds. (

Dr. Yahya Wardak clarifies that this initiative has been running since 2009, when five lecturers from Nangarhar Medical Faculty were writing medical textbooks and received financial help from the DAAD to have these materials printed out. 

This project got positive feedback from universities all over Afghanistan and other universities asked to have their learning materials printed.

He explains that in 2010 twenty additional textbooks wrote by the authors from four different universities (Balkh, Kandahar, Khost and Nangarhar).  

Until now there are approximately 60 different medical text books have been printed out and given to students. These text books have been distributed to all medical faculties of (Kabul, Nangarhar, Khost, Herat, Balkh, Kandahar, Paktya & Kapisa).

On 4th April 2012, the two ministers Dr. Obaidullah Obaid (Minister of Higher Education) and Dr. Omar Zakhilwal (Finance Minister) visited the Nangarhar University.  Professor S. Khishki (The Deputy Minister for Administration/Finance), Professor Noor Baksh (Head of Publication), Mr. M. Mehrwar (Head of Planning and Policy) and Dr. Muhammad Saber (Chancellor of Nangarhar University) were also present. Dr. Obaidullah Obaid himself distributed some textbooks among the students. 

On 11th April 2012, Dr. Eroes (Director of German Aid for Afghan Children) who funded 13 different medical textbooks along with his wife visited Nangarhar Medical Faculty and met with lecturers and students and distributed text books among the students.

Dr. Yahya Wardak giving books to students                                                                                  

Addressing an interview with the Afghanistan Times he states that currently work is being underway over 45 titles of textbooks for medical and other faculties (Engineering, Sciences, Social Sciences, Archaeology & Natural Sciences) by the lecturers of different universities, which will be finalized soon. For printing and fundraising we are looking for other alternatives.

 Running of such projects and printing of standard textbook is a step towards improvement of Higher Education and universities and almost 6000 medical students benefit directly. This will help them in better training and also for the better treatment of patients in future.  

I would like to ask all the lecturers to write new textbooks in their respective fields, give it to us for print out and then will be delivered to the students of all faculties. I would like to ask all the lecturers to write new textbooks in their respective fields, translate and edit their old books, lectures and chapters and make it ready for print out and give it to us. We assure them quality composition and printing, he concluded.
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