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Publication of 20 textbooks of science, engineering, economics and agriculture

Based on the need for textbooks, scarcity of textbooks and the desire of students, faculties and universities for textbooks in different disciplines, besides medicine, we attempted to expand the process of publication of textbooks to science, engineering, economics and agriculture. Fortunately, this year, we could publish 20 non-medical textbooks, in addition to 176 medical textbooks we had previously published, for science, engineering, economics and agriculture faculties. Besides funding the publication of 80 textbooks, 20 non-medical textbooks’ publication was financed by German Aid for Afghan Children (Kinderhilfe-Afghanistan).

We will keep on our attempts to publish textbook of various subjects so that the requirement of Afghan students will be somewhat fulfilled.

We have distributed all the published textbooks to all state universities, libraries, private higher educational institutions, hospitals, authors and Afghan doctors for free. In addition, everyone can download all the published textbooks from the portal, free of charge.

It is needed that the print and publication of the textbooks of Afghan and other authors should be arranged in a system of the Ministry of Higher Education and will continue their activities according to that system. As well as, efforts should be done regarding revising, editing, and reprinting lecture notes, old versions of textbooks and other kinds of teaching materials of the lecturers of universities, and then they should be given to their authors, universities and the students.

Teaching and learning material is a prerequisite for getting education, but, unfortunately, its lack, economic problems, unpleasant situations and inattention of officials and authorities face the faculties and students of our universities with serious challenges. Therefore, the base of education in the country is too unstable and still remains as a huge problem.

The negative effects of scarcity of materials, especially textbooks written in the national languages, are one of the obstacles against enhancing the quality and level of education in Afghanistan. Hence, for better and standard education, textbooks for every subject are supposed to be mandatory.

Unfortunately, there are not standard textbooks throughout the country which are one of the basic requirements of today’s knowledge and Afghan students, or if there are, they are not enough for the needs of students. Or there are textbooks written and printed abroad, and they are sold in market with low quality and high cost so that all the students cannot buy and take advantage of them.

Observing such situation in Afghanistan, we initiated the task of publishing textbooks, especially that of medicine, and somewhat fulfilled the need of students. So far, we have published 200 different textbooks for Afghan universities. However, these textbooks have not satisfied the need at all.

List of the published non-medical textbook:

Moeburahman Janati Advanced  Mathematics Courses 2 Gul M Janat Zai General Mathematics 1
Nazar Mohammad Advanced Calculus II‍‍‍‍ 4 Hamidullah Yaar Advanced Calculus I Math 3
Dr Khair M Mamond Physical Chemistry II Electrolyte Solutions & Electrochemistry 2nd  Edition 6 Lutfullah Safi Population Geography 5
Ghuncha Gul Habib Safi Animal Physiology 8 Dr Khair M Mamond Physical Chemistry III Chemical Kinetic & Catalysis, Spectroscopy & Chromatography 7
A Ghias Safi Fundamentals of Meteorology 10 Dr Ghulam Faruq Mirahmadi

Heating Engineering Part one

Combustion Technique

Dipl Eng.M. Omar Temory The Energy Consumption in the   Residential Houses 12 Dipl Eng M Omar Temory New Methods in Construction of Buildings 11
Arifullah Mandozai Protection of  Environment  14 Sultan A Niazman Algebra  and theory of Numbers Part I 13
M Ishaq Raziqi Solid Mechanics 16 Eng Ibad-ur- Rahman Momand Reinforced Concrete first class work Methodic Guidance 15
Dipl Eng Assadullah Malakzay Building Construction I 18 Dr M Ghaus Hakimi Organic Chemistry Cyclic Compounds 17
Muhammad Taher Kanay Chemical Elements I 20 Dipl Eng Assadullah Malakzay Building Construction II 19

At the end, the Ministry of Higher Education and other donors are requested to support us in this regard so that we will be able to spread the knowledge, which is ongoing charity, to the nation of the country through the publication of textbooks, so we will gain best rewards from the Great Allah.

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