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Dewanbegi Clinic Inauguration Report

Eröffnung der KlinikJanuary 25, 2016 Kabul. The inauguration program started with reciting the Holy Quran by Qari Fazel Rahim. Then, Eng. Ahmad Omid, on behalf of Dr. Yahya Wardak, talked. He congratulated the people of Dewanbegi area on inaugurating the clinic and pointed out to services and tireless efforts of Dr. Yahya Wardak and Afghanic Organization. Also,

he called cooperation with Afghanistan Islamic Medical Association (AIMA) a positive point. In addition, Ahmad Omid encouraged common people of the region to support the clinic and protect it from deactivation or destroying.

Later on, on behalf of people of Dewanbegi, Mr. Mohammad Saeed briefly talked. He thanked Dr. Yahya Wardak and AIMA, and he called the inauguration of the clinic as a great service and achievement.

After that, Dr. Ezatullah Hamid, responsible for Dewanbegi Clinic, talked about the services of the clinic. He considered it as a big service and said that they would attempt, day and night, to change the clinic to a big health center.

His speech’s conclusion is as bellow:

Speaker: Dr. Ezatullah Hamid, General Head of Dewanbegi Cliniccd staff

- Praising Almighty Allah

- A Verse of Holy Quran: وَ إِذا مَرِضْتُ فَهُوَ يَشْفينِ. Translation: “And when I am ill, it is He (Allah) Who cures me.”

· Three main focuses of the clinic:

o   Experienced doctors will be serving in the clinic.

o   Well-equipped laboratory and diagnostic section will start its work.

o   Quality medicine will be offered.

· Specialist doctors:

o   Dr. Mirwais, specialist of internal diseases

o   Dr. Naqibullah Tayeb, specialist of children diseases

o   Dr. M. Nazar Taraki, specialist of children and malnutrition

o   Dr. Ezatullah Hamid, specialist of children and newborn babies

o   Drs. Nasrin Shinwari, Expert of  obstetrics and gynecology

o   Mohammadullah, laboratory technician

o   Najeebullah & Fazel Rahim, pharmacist

. Services are cheaper than elsewhere.

· Only essential medicines and tests will be recommended.

· Observing department will be existed, from AIMA.

· Females will be treated by female doctors.

· A system for registration will be created, e.g. diabetes, blood pressure, and etc.

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